"we are a generation of wanderers: indigenous artisans, curators,

plant whisperers, healers, craftsmen, storytellers..

a community of innovators inspired by culture and craft

empowered by source

we believe that craftsmanship cannot be mass produced

this was made uniquely for us." 

Only for the Rebelles 

OAK & ACORN - Only for the Rebelles is the FIRST sustainable denim-based brand made in Harlem, New York USA.  We are experienced makers and mix masters. While denim is the foundation, we re-use, re-purpose and re-engineer denim & non-denim garments from our local community. It also allows us to offer a well-crafted product that is uniquely yours.

In the U.S., over 97% of apparel consumed is imported. The Fashion Industry is the second largest polluter of the environment and contributor to modern slavery.

Our commitment is to a more sustainable future.

It is our mission to shift the habit of consumption through education & access to alternatives. We believe that with a small daily commitment to sustainable choices we can help prevent environmental waste & the overall impact to our global community.